Our Story

We moved to Bryan/College Station over 40 years ago and quickly felt at home in the Brazos Valley.  We decided to set our roots here and raise our children. Twenty years ago we had a wonderful opportunity to purchase 30 acres of land in the Edge Community. Little did we know at the time that we would eventually become tree farmers.

Since childhood we always had a real tree for Christmas. Our tradition was to go to a local tree farm where we would Choose & Cut our own tree. Over the years It was getting harder and harder for us to find a fresh cut Christmas Tree as the Tree Farmers would sell out too quickly. So we decided to grow our own Christmas Trees and share the rest.

Just walking through the trees and breathing the fresh air is a treat all its own.

Come join us and experience what it is like to “Keep it Real for Christmas.”

-Dan & Jan Peery


Trees less than 5’ tall are not for sale

(Choose & Cut )
*Price includes Sales Tax and all tree services, amenities and entertainment

5.5’ – 8’ Virginia Pine Christmas Tree
$10.00 per foot

9’ – 11’ Virginia Pine Christmas Tree
$12.00 per foot

12’ And Up Virginia Pine Christmas Tree
$16.00 per foot

How to Pick A Tree

Step 1

Take a Hayride to the fields

Step 2

Get a Saw, Measuring Stick, & Tree Tag

Step 3

Pick Your Tree

Step 4

Cut & Tag Tree Keep Bottom Part of Tag

Step 5

Put Tree on Hayride Trailer

Step 6

Return to Tree Shaking Area

Step 7

Have Tree Measured, Shaken, and Bailed

Step 8

Pay for Tree

Netting & Shaking Provided Free

Tie Down Material (available on request)

Cash & Credit Accepted



Hot Coco
Apple Cider


Hay Ride
Duck Races


Photo Board


(By Appointment Only – Availability
dates Nov 1st to Nov 23 –  See Contract)

Picnic Area


Gift Shop

Tree stands
and wreaths available for purchase



Foods drinks and candies available for purchase


Contact Us



Open the Friday after Thanksgiving

**Closed for the 2023 Season**

Sat-Sun: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm

16474 Wilson Pasture Rd,
Bryan, TX 77808, USA

Copyright 2020 , Tanglewood Christmas Trees LLC.